LA FESTIN Designer 2022 Original Trendy Fashion One Shoulder Underarm Handbag Simple Female Messenger Portable Small Square Bag


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Brand Story

LA’ FESTIN, the independent designer brand from France,
Founded in 2011 by Mr. La and Ms. Fei,
Is inspired by the exquisite life and independent women.
We take retro, modern, aestheticism and romance as the core aesthetic concepts,
Which adheres to the original bag design.

Everyday and Fantasy, Classic and Innovation,
These seemingly contradictory concepts are the cornerstone of the brand.
Every bag designed by LA’ FESTIN always gives consideration to both artistic sense and practicability.
Retro and nostalgic are the driving force of the brand.
In the film filter, each picture of LA’ FESTIN is full of texture and story.

The brand we love never has only one side, and our story will not be fixed.
The vision of LA’ FESTIN is not just to create bags,
Which also hops to create eternal works and create personality “Manifestos” that praise modern women.

The appearance, color matching and pictures of this product are all original designs of LA FESTIN, and the platform background has applied for patent original protection.
The capacity of the bag is completely OK for daily use, and there is no problem in the installation of mobile phones, lipsticks, powders, etc.The small square bag of solid color is really too gentle to look at. The tree balm oil and wax cowhide make the whole bag look very textured and shiny~Specifications

Brand name: La Festin
Origin: CN
Model number: 620930
Weight: 1.4lb
Handle height: 14cm/5.5in

Bag height: 16cm/6.3in

Depth: 7cm/2.7in
Width: 20cm/7.8in
Interesting block shape + tree balm oil wax cowhide leatherThe solid color tone of the bag is combined with the textured leather. The shoulder strap with hidden buckle adjustment is suitable for both hand and shoulder, and the inner capacity is enough to put down daily travel items.The bag has multiple back methods, and the hidden buckle of the shoulder strap can be adjusted freely. A fashionable and versatile bag that can be worn all year round. The capacity is very practical, you can put down everyday items.With its fun sugar cube silhouette, textured calfskin and banana yellow that turns heads, it's enough to make you the center of attention.

Fabric: made of high-grade split cowhide leather. Split cowhide leather is stiff and can be used to create bags of various shapes. It is also the mainstream material for leather bags today.

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