Original Nike Air Jordan XXXVI Low Men ‘S Basketball Shoes Beige DH0833 160| |

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Nike Air Jordan XXXVI Low Men ‘S Basketball Shoes-Beige DH0833-160

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Air Jordan 36 Low Men ‘S Basketball Shoes

Nike Air Jordan XXXVI Low Men ‘S Basketball Shoes-Beige


Air Jordan 36 Low men’s basketball shoes, the legendary Air Jordan basketball shoes perpetuating design. By far the most light weight Air Jordan match ayakkabısıdır. Booster surface minimal design. Very light and minimal design, though it has also very durable. Bağcıklarınızı has given you at that connect güven feeling and it safely onto the field like to go.


Men’s basketball shoe top sayası durable fabric and synthetic leather. These materials are dynamic and flexible tongue fraction come together, foot a formidable. Top while extra fast response ability for, Zoom Air yastıklaması. Air Jordan ayakkabıda located Zoom Air birimi, extra response ability. Outsole and medium between found kısmın içi. So, weight reduced. Also supportive of the shoe body (the shoe to prevent twisting a durable plastic part) music. Versatile grip sağlayan rubber texture, thanks, especially on your toes oynayan and position çabukluğunu kullanan oyunculara sahada durmayı facilitates and take action to geçmeyi easier.


Air Jordan 36 Low basketball shoes, Nike basketball shoes arasında come to the fore with light weight. Beige basketball shoe, sportinn.com. Uk website at DH0833 model code and can supply with 160 color code.


Beige Nike Air Jordan XXXVI Low Men ‘S Basketball Ayakkabısı’nın Features:


• Lightest Air Jordan basketball shoe

• Very light and minimal, also durable design

• Fabric and synthetic leather Upper uppers

• Maximum to bounce and Zoom Air cushioning

• Wrist movement sağlayan filled and low design

• Reduce weight between the outer sole and the midsole carved partition

• Traditional language and lacing structure

• Specifically on the fingertips, playing quick players for versatile grip sağlayan rubber texture

• Jordan Jumpman logo; Pink


Color: White


Of Origin: Vietnam, China


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