Original Nike Jordan Air 200E Male Red/Black Basketball Shoe DC9836 086| |

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Nike Jordan Air 200E Male Red/Black Basketball Shoe DC9836-086

100% original Boxed-Product

High performance offering users with stylish design products, winning appreciation from Nike brand, senior male group with technologies and quality materials, basketball shoe category by Jordan Air 200E models; 42 – 50,5 number range is offered for sale.


With different new season colors raflarda replacing Nike Jordan Air 200E men basketball shoe models, designed with extra comfort. Style difference with the seven players prefer Jordan Air 200E basketball shoe models, low profile casual structure with recognizable.


Air Max Units…

Nike Jordan Air 200E male basketball ayakkabılarında molded of heel piece sub district added Air Max unit through, senior relaxation. Air Max birimlerinin shape intact elasticity imparted Jordan Air 200E models, ultra light structure is also the reason why you choose. Air Max yastıklaması blow with the effects of allows you to absorb and more soft landing.


Herringbone Outsole…

Heel and language added to have elegant appearance with the Nike Nike Jordan Air 200E men casual shoes models, sideways added suede detail. Chevron base has a strong floor grip with Nike Jordan Air 200E male shoes slip do not safe to use.



Normal mould structure,

Woven fabric,

Suede and mesh outer uppers structure,

Chevron patterned balıksırtı base feature,

Breathable construction,

Air Max cushioning,

Topukta Jumpman logo,

Sporty and comfortable design.


Origin Vietnam

Weight 420

Sport he Basketball


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