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Meta Description: The pandemic has been pretty hard on us, and if you wish to go on a vacation and travel, by all means, but quickly go through some safety measures you must take during the pandemic.

The situation all around the world is dramatically changing. Governments have changed their travel warnings and restricted travel during this time. And while the cases continue to rise and fall, some countries have finally opened their borders to travelers. With a few safety measures, you can have fun without endangering the lives of others.

The prevention of the spread of Covid19 is a shared responsibility. Millions of people all over the world are quite reliant on tourism for their livelihoods. Opening the doors for the tourists can put them and their citizens at major risk, so it is important to understand that when a country welcomes you, it is our job to be decent enough to comply with the requirements and not present it with a new outbreak.


Here are some precautions that you MUST take. Remember, there is no option out.

  • Make sure you have your mask on whenever requested and especially on your flight. If there are some restrictions at your destination, please consider wearing a mask in public anyway. The more of us wear masks, the better.
  • The second thing you must keep in check is practicing social distancing. Ensure you are at a distance of six feet or more from people outside your household or travel companions.
  • If a destination has a compulsory quarantine for those who test positive, DO NOT turn around and get on your plane home. This act may potentially lead to infecting hundreds of more travelers. Not cool guys, not cool.
  • We are sure you know this, but a little reminder won’t hurt anyone, so:

Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly

Avoid touching your face

Wear a mask at all times

  • Do not assume that there are no longer any risks because places are opening and welcoming travelers again. Travel with an approach that most places have opened because they have political and economic pressure, not because they have eliminated the virus.

And please, if you have symptoms or you think you may have been exposed to the virus. Do not travel. PERIOD.

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