Born and Raised mostly in Philadelphia , as a child I always knew I wanted my own business. There is nothing worst than feeling liked your cursed but you must stay strong because tomorrow is another day. To me The Air Is Free.com is not just a business but words of feeling free to go where ever God sends you. Life has been hard for me because music was my first dream but like I said God makes it so and so it shall be. So I ask you to shop The Air Is Free not because of the items being sold on my line but for the thought of flying in the sky with wings of your own with the perfect Luggage strap to your back with clouds all around you. Feel free to go to Youtube and see me at my old ways with music and hopefully it will help put a smile on yours Face. Please type The Poormillionaire legs and thighs on Youtube and how free my air really can be and remember believe and you will achieve.








We’re supportive of the fair orientation of genders, but let’s be honest, people are constructed unexpectedly, and men can deal with the size and weight of a bigger limit rucksack superior to ladies! We suggest that ladies convey close to a 70-liter knapsack on the off chance that they are unimposing, and most ladies’ backpacks available will just go up to around 70 liters in the limit. The shorter back lengths of ladies’ backpacks are the thing that separates them from the unisex models. If you’re uncertain whether you should purchase a ladies’ backpack, at that point, you can quantify your back length before you dive in. Basically, measure the length of your back from the base of the neck to the Iliac Crest to get a sign of whether you’d profit by having a rucksack customized for shorter middles.

Alright, how about we move this one. Even though packs that are showcased as ‘ladies’ backpacks’ are by and large focused on ladies, this doesn’t mean they aren’t reasonable for certain men. The primary distinction you’ll discover between unisex travel backpacks and backpacks for ladies is the shorter back length, which is intended to oblige the for the most part shorter female middle. In any case, it is significant that numerous men can be on the shorter side, so they may want to utilize a ‘ladies’ rucksack.’ Indeed, a few ladies’ backpacks come in increasingly female amicable hues, yet these may likewise interest men – there is no motivation behind why a shorter man can’t utilize a movement pack which is showcased as a female rucksack.

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